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Monkeypox Link to Encephalitis ‘Needs Further Investigation’

Scientists have reported preliminary evidence that monkeypox might lead to severe neurological complications including encephalitis and seizure. Other nonspecific neurological conditions, including confusion, headache, and myalgia have also been linked to the disease, according to the research led by University College London (UCL). Despite evidence of nervous system involvement associated […]

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CDC Identifies Two Monkeypox Strains in US; Provides Updates on Investigation

At least two strains of monkeypox are currently circulating in the United States, officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Friday. Most cases in the United States involve the same strain that has been spreading in the United Kingdom and Europe, but investigators have also detected […]

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Outbreak Investigation of Hepatitis A Virus: Strawberries (May 2022)

The FDA, along with CDC, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, state, and local partners are investigating a multistate outbreak of hepatitis A infections in the United States and Canada potentially linked to fresh organic strawberries branded as FreshKampo and HEB, purchased between March […]

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Adenovirus the Leading Suspect in Child Hepatitis Investigation

Adenovirus remained the most likely underlying factor responsible for the outbreak of sudden onset hepatitis in children, UK public health experts have said. Investigations are still ongoing into whether a cofactor could cause a normal adenovirus to produce a more severe clinical presentation, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said […]

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