Lives saved and hospitalizations averted by COVID-19 vaccination in New York City: a modeling study

Summary Background Following the start of COVID-19 vaccination in New York City (NYC), cases have declined over 10-fold from the outbreak peak in January 2020, despite the emergence of highly transmissible variants. We evaluated the impact of NYC’s vaccination campaign on saving lives as well as averting hospitalizations and cases. […]

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Regeneron Says Its COVID-19 Antibody Drug Could Be Less Effective Against Omicron

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc’s COVID-19 antibody treatment and other similar drugs could be less effective against the new Omicron coronavirus variant, the company said on Tuesday. The drugmaker said further analyses are ongoing to confirm and quantify this potential impact using the actual Omicron variant sequence. Global markets fell on Tuesday […]

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BioNTech CEO Says Vaccine Likely to Protect Against Severe COVID From Omicron

BioNTech and Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine will likely offer strong protection against any severe disease from the new Omicron virus variant, BioNTech’s Chief Executive told Reuters, as the firm weighs the need to upgrade its commonly used shot. Lab tests are underway over the next two weeks to analyse the blood […]

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Severe COVID-19 Doubles Risk of Dying in Following Year: Study

Patients who survive a severe case of COVID-19 are more than twice as likely to die during the following year than those who have mild symptoms and those who haven’t been infected, according to a new study published Wednesday in the journal Frontiers in Medicine. The increased risk was greater for patients under […]

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Study reveals acute effects of severe COVID-19 on the brain

A large international study suggests that around 1 in every 100 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 have brain complications. These include stroke, brain hemorrhage, and other potentially fatal conditions. Many of the patients had preexisting illnesses, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Previous research has shown that some people who recover from […]

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