Encuentros sociales y sexuales más seguros y la viruela símica o del mono

Mientras los CDC trabajan para contener el brote de viruela símica actual y aprender más acerca del virus, esta información puede ayudarle a tomar decisiones fundamentadas cuando esté en situaciones o lugares donde pueda propagarse la viruela símica o del mono. La viruela símica o del mono suele transmitirse a […]

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Two Cases of Monkeypox-Associated Encephalomyelitis — Colorado and the District of Columbia, July–August 2022

Summary What is already known about this topic? Monkeypox virus (MPXV) typically causes a febrile illness with lymphadenopathy and a diffuse vesiculopustular rash; neurologic complications are rare. The current monkeypox outbreak differs clinically and epidemiologically from previous outbreaks, and little is known about potential associated neurologic complications. What is added by […]

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Disinfecting Home and Other Non-Healthcare Settings

Purpose of Home Disinfection People with monkeypox who do not require hospitalization may be isolated at home. Monkeypox spreads between people through direct contact with an infectious rash, body fluids, or by respiratory secretions during prolonged, face-to-face contact. Transmission of Monkeypox virus is possible from the onset of the first symptoms until […]

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Monkeypox Link to Encephalitis ‘Needs Further Investigation’

Scientists have reported preliminary evidence that monkeypox might lead to severe neurological complications including encephalitis and seizure. Other nonspecific neurological conditions, including confusion, headache, and myalgia have also been linked to the disease, according to the research led by University College London (UCL). Despite evidence of nervous system involvement associated […]

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HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Persons with Monkeypox

Summary What is already known about this topic? In the current global monkeypox outbreak, HIV infection and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are highly prevalent among persons with monkeypox. What is added by this report? Among 1,969 persons with monkeypox in eight U.S. jurisdictions, 38% had HIV infection, and 41% had […]

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JACC: Case Reports Explores Acute Myocarditis in Monkeypox Patient

With the recent outbreak of Monkeypox virus infection in nonendemic countries like the U.S., Australia, Spain, UK, etc., the world’s attention has been directed to the clinical manifestations of this disease. A new case published in JACC: Case Reports highlights “cardiac involvement as a potential complication” associated with the disease. The case […]

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Viruela Símica: orientaciones y recursos técnicos

¿Qué es la viruela símica? Es una zoonosis viral causada por el virus de la viruela símica, que pertenece al género Orthopoxvirus, este incluye al virus variola (causante de la viruela). La viruela símica se caracteriza por erupción o lesiones cutáneas que suelen concentrarse en la cara, las palmas de las manos y […]

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