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Recurrent UTI Patients Find Long-Term Ally in Oral Vaccine

Results from the first long-term follow-up study of an oral vaccine for recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) suggest that it “could be a gamechanger for UTI prevention,” according to consultant urologist Bob Yang, who co-led the trial. “It’s very exciting… for us it was almost magical,” said Yang, who works with […]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness

Updated COVID-19 vaccine boosts waning immunity The virus that causes COVID-19 is always changing, and protection from infection or COVID-19 vaccination declines over time. Receiving an updated 2023-2024 COVID-19 vaccine can restore and provide enhanced protection against the variants currently responsible for most infections and hospitalizations in the United States. New […]

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Who Needs a Flu Vaccine

Who should get a flu vaccine this season? Everyone 6 months and older should get a flu vaccine every season with rare exceptions. Vaccination is particularly important for people who are at higher risk of serious complications from influenza. A full listing of people at Higher Risk of Developing Flu-Related […]

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Estimated Effectiveness of JYNNEOS Vaccine in Preventing Mpox: A Multijurisdictional Case-Control Study — United States, August 19, 2022–March 31, 2023

Summary What is already known about this topic? Real-world vaccine effectiveness (VE) estimates for JYNNEOS vaccine against monkeypox (mpox) are limited. To date, no VE estimates by route of administration or for immunocompromised persons have been published. What is added by this report? In this study, adjusted VE was 75% […]

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E. coli Infections in 4 US States Rise to 84; Majority Wendy’s Customers

The E.coli bacteria outbreak in four Midwest states from an unknown source has affected 47 more people, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday, with a majority of the total 84 reported to have sandwiches at Wendy’s. The agency said 52 people of the 62 it […]

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