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Discontinuation of CDC’s Distribution of Intravenous Artesunate as Commercial Drug is Widely Available in the United States

CDC  has discontinued its distribution of intravenous artesunate for treatment of severe malaria in the U.S. as of September 30, 2022. Commercial intravenous artesunate, Artesunate for InjectionTM, is available in adequate supply from major drug distributors. Severe malaria can rapidly progress to death. Having a plan for rapid diagnosis and […]

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Malaria Diagnosis & Treatment in the United States

Healthcare providers should always obtain a travel history from febrile patients. Fever in a person who has recently traveled in a malaria-endemic area should always be immediately evaluated using the appropriate diagnostic tests for malaria. Diagnosis Rapid and accurate diagnosis of malaria is integral to the appropriate treatment of affected […]

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Why Have We Waited So Long for a Malaria Vaccine?

Despite a global effort to eradicate malaria, a large malaria burden persists, in part due to the repeated emergence of parasite resistance to antimalarial drugs and mosquito resistance to insecticides. In 2019, an estimated 229 million malaria cases were reported worldwide, leading to more than 400,000 deaths, the majority being among […]

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