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Omicron BA.2: What Do We Know So Far?

Since November 2021, the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 has quickly become the most dominant variant worldwide. Early sequencing of Omicron in South Africa alerted researchers to the possibility that Omicron could be a cause for concern due to extensive mutations of the spike protein. Omicron has 30 mutations of the […]

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COVID Antivirals Appear to Hold Up Against BA.2

While two monoclonal antibody combinations showed neutralizing activity against the Omicron subvariant BA.2, both required substantially higher concentrations to produce a response in patients with COVID-19, Japanese researchers said, while antivirals appeared to be less affected. Casirivimab/imdevimab (REGEN-COV) and tixagevimab/cilgavimab (Evusheld) inhibited BA.2, but the titer of monoclonal antibodies “required […]

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