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Peripheral Muscle Fatigue Limits Post-COVID Exercise

Peripheral muscle fatigue was the most common cause of exercise limitation in patients recovered from COVID-19 regardless of disease severity, in a study of nearly 300 individuals. The source and magnitude of exercise intolerance in post–COVID-19 patients has not been well studied, said Mauricio Milani, MD, of Fitcordis Exercise Medicine […]

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Dampening Immune Response May Resolve Post-COVID Breathlessness

Persistent breathlessness is reported by more than 50% of patients recovering from COVID-19. Now researchers have suggested that this may be due to long-lasting immune activity in the airways, raising the possibility of finding ways to overcome the problem. In their study, published in Immunity, researchers from Imperial College London’s National Heart […]

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Fauci Worries About Possible Post-COVID ‘Mental Health Pandemic’

Anthony Fauci, MD, says he’s concerned about how Americans will react once the coronavirus pandemic is brought under control, CBS News reports. Noting that an American Psychological Association survey showed people reporting high stress levels because of the pandemic, CBS’s Norah O’Donnell asked if Fauci was worried about a possible “mental […]

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