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Pediatricians and parents on the brink: This is their March 2020

In March 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the United States, the nation’s pediatric providers and pediatric units immediately pitched in to treat adults sickened by this then-mysterious and deadly disease. But now that the pediatric community is facing its own March 2020 with the confluence of Covid-19, influenza, […]

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Mental Health of Most Kids With Autism Declined in Pandemic

More than half of children and youth with autism experienced pandemic-related declines in mental health between May and December 2020, according to a large Canadian cohort study. The study, based on surveys with parents of 230 children and youth with autism, showed that 141 (61%) of these children had mental health deterioration, […]

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The COVID-19 Pandemic Rages on for People Who Are Immunocompromised

anet Handal, who has taken immunosuppressive drugs since her 2010 kidney transplant, hasn’t exactly been impressed by public health messaging about COVID-19. A medical assistant at a University of Washington Medicine clinic prepares a 2-shot dose of a monoclonal antibody therapy that can help prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection among people who […]

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2 years into the pandemic, what have we learned?

Before March 2020, many people saw pandemics as a thing of the past. Then came COVID-19. Scientists still do not know exactly where the virus that caused it — SARS-CoV-2 — came from, but it soon reached almost every country worldwide. Over 2 years, the virus has evolved, producing several […]

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People, Not Science, Decide When a Pandemic Is Over

All pandemics end eventually. But how, exactly, will we know when the COVID-19 pandemic is really “over”? It turns out the answer to that question may lie more in sociology than epidemiology. As the world passes the second anniversary of the World Health Organization’s declaration of the COVID pandemic, things seem […]

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For Millions, the Pandemic Is Far From Over: ‘We Are Indeed Stuck’

As much of the country prepares to ditch their masks, mingle more closely, and return to ”normal,” not everyone can board that train. Connie Taylor Connie Taylor, 60, from Nashville, is as tired as the next person of the COVID-cautious routines. “It’s getting old,” she said recently. Despite that, she […]

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How Will the Pandemic Evolve After the Omicron Variant?

France — During a round-table discussion at the French Senate, specialists in infectious disease and epidemiology presented their thoughts on what might happen after the Omicron wave passes. Will COVID become an endemic disease, or will new, worrisome variants emerge? Using various types of data, the experts shared their views which, […]

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