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Long COVID and the digestive system: Mayo Clinic expert describes common symptoms

 Long COVID syndrome, also known as post-COVID, is more than fatigue and shortness of breath. Symptoms such as headaches, brain fog and ringing in the ears have been reported, and recently, physicians are seeing more patients with gastrointestinal problems. Greg Vanichkachorn, M.D., director of Mayo Clinic’s COVID Activity Rehabilitation Program, describes the most common symptoms. Patients in the rehabilitation […]

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Mayo Clinic asks all patients and visitors to wear surgical/procedural masks

Due to the growing wave of infection from the omicron variant and the urgent need to strengthen all layers of protection against COVID-19, Mayo Clinic is asking all patients and visitors to wear surgical/procedural masks. Several studies have demonstrated the variability in cloth mask performance. While a high-quality cloth mask may perform similarly […]

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Mayo Clinic adds state-by-state vaccination rates, national trends to COVID-19 Resource Center

ROCHESTER, Minn. ― Mayo Clinic data scientists have added a vaccination tracker to Mayo’s COVID-19 Resource Center, with state-by-state data and trends, so users can follow the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in all 50 states, compare progress on one- and two-shot vaccinations, and receive Mayo Clinic guidance on what the trends mean for summer […]

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Una tasa alta de vacunación es clave para el curso de la pandemia de la COVID-19, según un modelo computarizado de Mayo Clinic

ROCHESTER, Minn. — En el estudio, se detallan la gran importancia de las tendencias de vacunación para el curso futuro de la pandemia y cómo el modelado predictivo de la COVID-19 de Mayo Clinic puede evaluar las tendencias futuras con base en el ritmo de vacunación. Los investigadores de Mayo […]

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