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9 febrero, 2022

Does It Make a Difference Which COVID-19 Vaccine Is the Booster?

“Which COVID-19 vaccine should I receive as a booster?” The NIH has now provided input regarding this common question with an interim report of the phase 1–2 MixNMatch Study, an open-label, nonrandomized, adaptive-design trial of 100-µg mRNA-1273 (Moderna), 5×1010 virus particles of Ad26.COV2 (Johnson & Johnson), or 30-µg BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) to boost individuals who had completed an initial series with one of these three vaccines ≥12 weeks earlier and who had not experienced a COVID-19 episode.

Among 458 individuals enrolled between May and August 2021 (with similar numbers having received each of the 3 vaccines for their primary series), 154, 150, and 153 were boosted with the Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, respectively. Vaccine reactogenicity and safety profiles were comparable to those of primary immunization series. At 29 days following booster immunization, each of the nine possible primary-boost combinations increased neutralizing and binding antibody titers to comparable levels. All but the homologous Johnson & Johnson combination augmented spike-specific CD4+ T-cell responses. CD8+ T-cell responses were higher in Johnson & Johnson primary-series recipients, and heterologous boosting with Johnson & Johnson increased CD8+ responses in those individuals who had received primary immunization with an mRNA vaccine.

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