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20 octubre, 2022

Global health insights: how to use the star rating system

HME Director Chris Murray shares his thoughts on the Burden of Proof studies, which aim to help the public, research funders, and decision-makers navigate confusing health guidance.

  • For Dr. Murray, the most surprising aspect of the findings was that for some associations that he took as grounded in really strong evidence in the past, it turned out there was not such compelling evidence behind those pairs.
  • An individual’s personal risk tolerance will play a role. Dr. Murray said that people who are very risk-averse and want to avoid any possible risk to their health will likely avoid the harmful one- or two-star risks and embrace the protective ones.
  • “But if you are somebody that’s willing to accept some risk or that there might be risk, then you can take a more nuanced approach,” he said.

Créditos: Comité científico Covid

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