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20 febrero, 2023

NIH Considers Lessons Learned During COVID-19 Pandemic

A decades-long investment in basic science research, focus on diversity in clinical trials, and coordinated efforts to repurpose therapeutics and develop diagnostics were among the factors that contributed to the US National Institutes of Health–led response to COVID-19, according to a report published in Science by several authors including Francis Collins, MD, PhD, and Anthony Fauci, MD.

The authors noted, however, that “the timeline of the biomedical research community’s response to COVID-19 is still being written,” and cautioned against complacency in the face of SARS-CoV-2, its variants, or future pathogens.

Instead, the authors encouraged a continued focus on global disease surveillance and cited the value of approachable and accurate science communication. The report also emphasized the importance of investments in behavioral and social science research, particularly on health care decision-making.


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