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Estrogen Treatment Linked to Reduced COVID Mortality

Women who went on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with estrogen within six months of catching COVID-19 had a reduced risk of dying, a new study says. The study, coupled with data showing men have higher hospitalization and mortality rates from COVID than women, provides more evidence that estrogen may offer broad protection against the […]

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Higher Mortality for Acute CVD Conditions at Rural U.S. Hospitals

Use of potentially beneficial therapeutic procedures was also lower at rural hospitals than at urban ones. Rural-urban health inequities have been previously documented. To evaluate rural-urban disparities in outcomes of acute myocardial infarction (AMI), heart failure, and ischemic stroke, authors performed a retrospective analysis of data from over 2 million […]

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COVID-19 Vaccination and Non–COVID-19 Mortality Risk — Seven Integrated Health Care Organizations, United States, December 14, 2020–July 31, 2021

Summary What is already known about this topic? Although deaths after COVID-19 vaccination have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, few studies have been conducted to evaluate mortality not associated with COVID-19 among vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. What is added by this report? During December 2020–July 2021, […]

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COVID-19-induced Vascular Inflammation Behind Mortality Risk

COVID-19 infection is associated with a unique vascular inflammation ‘signature’ that, when present in at-risk individuals, increases the risk of in-hospital mortality around three-fold, shows an innovative data analysis of thousands of UK angiography patients. The results, presented at the British Cardiovascular Society 2021 Annual Conference on June 10, may also explain […]

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Health and Institutional Risk Factors of COVID-19 Mortality in Mexico, 2020

Introduction Several studies in developed and developing countries have analyzed the health risk factors associated with COVID-19 mortality. Comorbid diseases are a key explanatory factor behind COVID-19 mortality, but current studies treat comorbidities in isolation, at average-population values, and rarely assess how death risk varies for different health profiles across […]

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Death Certificate–Based ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes for COVID-19 Mortality Surveillance — United States, January–December 2020

Summary What is already known about this topic? During 2020, approximately 375,000 U.S. deaths were attributed to COVID-19. What is added by this report? Among 378,048 death certificates from 2020 listing COVID-19, 5.5% listed COVID-19 without codes for any other conditions. Among 357,133 death certificates with at least one other […]

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