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Washington Medical Board Charges Doctor for Spreading COVID Misinformation

Misinformation regarding COVID-19 has been cited as a public health threat since the beginning of the worldwide pandemic. Doctors and professional organizations are standing guard, hoping to protect patients from any harm that results from mistruths spread by colleagues. Case in point: Several physicians and the American Board of Pathology […]

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Turismo de Salud se consolida gracias al trabajo de los tres órdenes de gobierno y el sector privado

El secretario de Turismo del Gobierno de México, Miguel Torruco Marqués, dio a conocer el Turismo de Salud es uno de los segmentos que cada vez cobra más relevancia y articulación en México, gracias al trabajo conjunto de los tres órdenes de gobierno, en coordinación con la iniciativa privada. Como […]

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Seniors at Higher Risk of Other Medical Conditions After COVID-19

Nearly one-third of adults over age 65 developed one or more new medical conditions in the weeks following a COVID-19 infection, according to new research. The findings of the observational study, which were published in the BMJ, show the risk of a new condition being triggered by COVID is more than twice […]

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Standard Medical Mask Can Protect Wearer from Aerosols

A standard medical face mask is more effective at preventing the wearer from inhaling aerosols without causing substantial breathing resistance than various cloth, medical, or respirator masks, new research shows. “Medical face masks with good filtration efficacies can provide even better protective effects than KN95 respirators,” write Christian Sterr, MD, […]

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