29 agosto, 2021

New Rules for Vaccinated People, Troops Enforce Lockdown: COVID-19 Global Weekly Highlights

These are the global coronavirus stories you need to know about this week.

As of Wednesday, positive UK cases had risen 12.1% in 7 days, and cases stood at a rate of 339.3 per 100,000 population. Over the same period, deaths were up 13.4%, and hospital admissions up 9.4%. Some big events have been linked to local hotspots, including 4700 cases after Cornwall’s Boardmasters music and surfing festival. So far, 77.4% of those aged 16 and over are fully vaccinated. A UK-wide antibody surveillance programme is to be launched next week. Most patients who acquired COVID-19 in hospital during the first wave tended to get it from other patients, according to University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke’s Hospital research published in eLife. The Scottish Government will begin an independent inquiry into its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by the end of the year. A UK-wide inquiry is due next spring.

A booster vaccination programme is being recommended in France for people aged 65 and over, as well as for patients with comorbidities. So far, 70.9% of the total population has received at least one vaccine dose. In addition, 62.4% are fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, the country has seen continuing demonstrations against COVID pass measures. Health professionals have been issued guidance on how to avoid vaccine certificate fraud.

In Belgium, the Brussels-Capital Region will deploy up to 40 mobile vaccination teams in schools, businesses, and shops, to help achieve 65% vaccination coverage by the end of October.

In Spain, the Government approved the purchase of 500,000 doses of SANOFI/GSK COVID-19 vaccine for delivery in the first quarter of 2022. By August 24, two thirds of the Spanish population was fully vaccinated.

In Italy, incidence is stable at 69 new cases per 100,000 population, and 67.25% of the population over 12 years of age is fully vaccinated. Discussions are underway about booster doses for vulnerable groups.

In Portugal, the second phase of easing restrictions came into force, and the goal of vaccinating 70% of the population has been reached. An epidemiological study carried out by the National Institute of Health Doctor Ricardo Jorge (INSA) and the General Directorate of Health (DGS) on the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 estimated that the risk of an infection by the Delta variant in vaccinated individuals is, approximately twice the risk of infection with the Alpha variant. The trend was seen in partially and fully vaccinated individuals. The national incidence rate is 310.4 cases of infection per 100,000 population.

In Germany, the 7-day incidence has again risen slightly. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Tuesday (August 24) morning, it was 58.0. A week ago it was 37.4.

Créditos: Comité científico Covid

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